What Products are Candies

The exclusive Breast Silicone Push-up Bra Cup features optional consumable real Candies are made from safe FDA compliant materials. Also coming soon to a Retailer near you.

LicKerie also a Chocolatier, makes Candy Bars and Rings. For freshness, food product Candy Bars and accessory Candy Ring bands are only available directly from here LicKerie.com. Our Candy Ring bands include a refillable Brace array for sanitized food consumption. Your favorite Candies are purchasable for refill.

Candy Ring bands foods are for special events or reusable gift giving multiple usage after purchase.

The variety of Candy food options in both Bars and Ring bands:

Milk Chocolate 2022
Dark Chocolate 2022
Cacao 2023
Cappuccino Coffee 2023
Caramel 2023
White Chocolate 2023
24Kt Gold Cacao 2023 - Luxury Pkg

We can't find products matching the selection.