Milk Chocolate Candy for Cups

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Milk Chocolate 100% Candy (Food Band Accessories Package)
LicKerie's refillable Candy of 4, 3, or 2 ring Bands for consumption. Band quantity depends on Cup product size.
Made for LicKerie Bra Cups (Sold Separately)
Different sizes available

Size Guide

Candy (Bands Paired Set)

Flavor Milk Chocolate

Weight 1.6 oz per Ring , A = 3.2 , B - F = 4.8 , G = 6.4

Refillable Candy Band rings Cacao packages are available for consumers loving Candies for the ultimate in flavored pleasure.

For LicKerie exclusive reusable push-up Candy Cup that features multi-use. Without optional Candy it may be used as a general push-up.

New line of sexy edible Fashion Lingerie products. Our Cups feature a refillable candy brace array for convenience but practical sanitized consumption.

STORAGE & USAGE WARNING: This product must be used on a clean body in Air Conditioning or normal temperature environments. When greater than 25 C or 77 F this Candy will melt. Store and use these products away from Heat and direct Sunlight.



Caution don’t eat the Band's Brace.

Milk Chocolate Candy for Cups