NOTE: This product should be handled with care. For optimal usage there is a top and bottom if the Candy.

The instruction page will be updated later.

The package top is where the LicKerie Logo and sticker is placed. It’s the same for the top of the Candy.

Clear smooth side is the package bottom.

From the bottom peal out the Nipple Covers at the opposite of the Candy’s cut line.

We don’t recommend force tearing your vacuum package because it may damage the product.

LicKerie suggests using Scissors to cut and unseal the Nipple Covers product.

Please Scissor cut your package's sides first then make the final cut on the top which is away from you.

Do not make your cuts close to the Candy.

WARNING: To prevent tearing do not peal/pullout Candy at or near the cut line.

Place Candy on each Nipple then resize the Cover to fit your Breast.

You are ready congratulations!